Scope and Foundation Classifications

Communities within which the Foundation works:

‡Khomani San and Mier communities of the Northern Cape who own !Xaus Lodge in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The VaTsonga, BaPedi, BaHananwa, BaSotho, BaLobedu, VhaVenda are the communities that own the eight camps of the African Ivory Route in the Limpopo Province.  The camps are run by a combination of one or more communities with the VaTsonga and BaPedi being involved in 5-7 camps each; the VhaVenda in 2 camps and the BaHanawa and BaLobedu in 1 camp each.

The VhaVenda people in Northern Limpopo own Awelani Lodge and Eco-tourism Park near Parfuri Gate of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park

The BaTlokoa Community of Phuthaditjhaba who own Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge in the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation Area

In addition, the TFPD Foundation would like to obtain environmental credentials for all of the lodges and ensure that responsible tourism practices are standard throughout the lodges. In 2010 !Xaus Lodge won the Imvelo Award for Responsible Tourism in the ‘Best Practice – Economic Impact’ category.  !Xaus Lodge is GreenLine certified and FTTSA accredited, and TFPD’s Wilderness Hiking in Parque Nacional do Limpopo are Green Flag accredited. The other lodges will be certified and accredited as funding is obtained.

TFPD Foundation is registered as an independent Section-21 Not for Profit Company, and established to provide an accountable, legal vehicle for acquiring and dispensing funds to the communities whose Lodges Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD) manage and market.

Legal Name:  TFPD Foundation NPC
Registration Number: 2009/004013/08
Now Registered as a Non-Profit Organisation: 115-762 NPO  (5 February 2013)
Registered address:  Cirtech House, 12 Stiblitz Street, Westlake Business Park, Westlake
Auditors:  PC Pienaar Accounting

Members of the Board:

Barry Gray