Donations of educational supplies at Massingir Velho

Social upliftment projects

Disenfranchised communities deserve assistance in all sections of life. They also deserve that that assistance be offered in the most effective ways. This requires proactive effort and rigorous investigation.

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Community Asset Development

Just better the education, or health, in a region starved of economic activity is not sufficient. We fundraise for community-owned tourism assets to help those communities. This is both through the revenue they gain as a direct result of their assets and the secondary enterprise encouraged by local procurement of goods and local employment.

What have we done? How is it changing?

In 2019 the TFPD Foundation acquired new staff. This comes with a change in focus. Where previously the Foundation acted as a kind of community chest, we are now expanding our operations. This does not mean forgetting our routes, and will continue community-focused outreach, like a project we’re proud of supporting, !Gam!Gaub. However, we have had some changes in our approach. These changes come in a few forms. First, we will focus on our own projects primarily, rather than funding third-parties. Secondly, we have adopted an evidence-backed approach, which draws from a range of sources to direct our efforts. This new, proactive approach will allow us to expand our impact, the natural conclusion of the mission of TFPD.