TFPD Foundation is involved in marketing Kalahari Salt that is harvested from a salt pan south of !Xaus Lodge to quality restaurants and chefs. The Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx export the salt internationally and support the !Xaus Lodge community by contributing a percentage of the value of salt sold to the community. The salt is also sold at the Lodge.

The salt in this ancient inland underground salt pan is some of the best unpolluted natural salt available in today’s market. During the Paleozoic era, 280-300 million years ago, the salt was leached from the Dwyka formation, to form a salt layer beneath the semi-desert region of the Kalahari.

The salt has no additives or chemicals.  It is pumped up to the surface of the salt pan and dried in the sun.  No washing or refining of the salt takes place.  Unlike commercial salt it still contains all the trace elements and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health.

Many people regard the salt as having healing properties.  This salt is uncompressed which means it is completely untreated with not even iodine added. Our bodies need a daily intake of pure salt as well as water to build our cells and maintain an electrolyte balance inside and outside the cells.

Salt is also supplied to the market as a premier range of bath salts packaged with different mixtures of top quality aromatherapy oils.

In the gourmet salt market, 95% of the salts are sea salt, which given that the sea itself is polluted by industrial and human waste, reduces the potential quality of the salt.