Sidney and Wayne Bonvallet, and CJ Christopher of Helping Hands, Touching Hearts Charity based in Michigan, USA, travel to Africa every year to work with a rural village for three months.  The next trip will be in May 2013 when they will work with the Venda people in Mutale, Limpopo.  Their mission is to Empower impoverished people through Sustainability with Education, Health and Hope.  This will translate into educational and medical supplies, entrepreneurial mentoring, sewing classes and lessons in marketable skills.

Malaria is a problem in Mutale so Sidney and her crew hope to supply 100 mosquito nets to the villagers.  The Women’s Christian Service at their Kenwood Church of Christ have donated towards this goal.  All-purpose plastic tubs will be donated to the impoverished women in the area. The village children will receive 150 unique brightly coloured hand-made school bags to brighten their day.

Helping Hands, Touching Hearts  will initiate two Poultry Projects with 100 chicks and roosters, which will be fenced in.  Two garden projects with fencing, seeds, and farm tools will be laid out.  Depending on what funds are raised these plans may change as the time for the next trip approaches.  As you can see in the pictures, the red and white striped tent that Helping Hands donated on their last trip was erected by Richard and the men in this village.

A suggestion was made that instead of giving the clothes, school and medical supplies and mosquito nets away, the people should be allowed to purchase them for a minimal price or to earn them as a reward for work done such as litter collection.  This discourages the development of a dependent mind-set towards hand-outs and encourages the development of self esteem in the community.