Awelani supporting malaria research in Vhembe

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Despite major successes globally in reducing malaria, this ancient scourge continues to cause death and suffering across the tropical and subtropical belt spanning South America, Africa and south-east Asia. Close on 216 million cases of malaria were recorded in 2016 (the most recent statistics available), resulting in 445,000 fatalities. The vast majority of these cases [...]

!Gam !Gaub – A Renewal of Old Traditions

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A Dream is Realised Dawid Kruiper, the recently deceased leader of the ǂKhomani San, led his people through a land claim settlement that saw the restoration of a section of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to his community.  He believed that many of the social ills that plague the ǂKhomani San today stem from the loss of [...]

CESVI and the African Ivory Route

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CESVI, an Italian NPO, are now working with Transfrontier Parks Destination (TFPD) to  develop the African Ivory Route (AIR) using sustainable green technology and education.  CESVI are involved in the development of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTFP).  They have also collaborated on the development of the Awelani Lodge and Eco-Tourism Park with TFPD, which will be [...]

Working together with Friends of Mutale

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Awelani Lodge and Eco-Tourism Park has the good fortune of having a new management couple, Vince Mehers and Erin Kaiser, who are not only excellent Lodge managers but also started an NGO in the area called Friends of Mutale.  This UK-based charity is engaged in rural community development work at Bennde Mutale in northern Limpopo. [...]

Sewing lessons at Awelani Lodge and Eco-Tourism Park

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TFPD Foundation and the managers of the lodges are encouraging creative ventures in the communities around the lodges.  These are not always related to Transfrontier Parks Destinations’s main business which is the community-owned lodges but can add value to the guest experience indirectly. A wonderful example of this was initiated recently by a manager at [...]

Mining Baleni Salt on the African Ivory Route

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Transfrontier Parks Destinations recently took over the management of the ten African Ivory camps. Among the projects that TFPD and its Foundation are mentoring is the existing Baleni Salt mining operation near Baleni Camp on the route. TFPD is developing an additional market for the salt by supplying top class restaurants and chefs with unusual [...]

Kalahari Salt harvested near !Xaus Lodge

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TFPD Foundation is involved in marketing Kalahari Salt that is harvested from a salt pan south of !Xaus Lodge to quality restaurants and chefs. The Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx export the salt internationally and support the !Xaus Lodge community by contributing a percentage of the value of salt sold to the community. The salt is [...]

And the Rain Poured Down

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Helping Hands, Touching Hearts NGO’s president, Sidney Bonvallet and her crew, Mary Deering and CJ Christopher, had learnt many lessons by their third trip to Massingir Velho and Machampane in the Parque Nacional do Limpopo.  On this trip, they did not ship everything they wanted to donate but purchased the goods to donate in Africa. [...]

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