What do we do?

The TFPD Foundation has two main operations. The first is the raising of funds for community-owned tourism assets. The second is the funding and implementation of evidence-based social-upliftment programs.

One bite at a time

What are our values?

How do you eat an elephant?

South Africa is rife with poverty and inequality. We at the TFPD Foundation believe that employing community structures is imperative if we want to help solve these issues. We are one group in a large pool trying to make a difference where we can. Given these limitations we attempt to be as cost effective as possible, and limit the areas in which our operations take place. Too often the problem looks too big. We dull ourselves and become apathetic to it. We reject this.

One bite at a time.          

Who do we do it for?

Currently, we limit our scope to servicing the communities which own the lodges managed by TFPD. These communities have high unemployment rates and are by-and-large far away enough from most metropolitans that they are often forgotten.

These are the communities in which we operate.

The past, and moving forward.

For the majority of The Foundation’s existence we have served the communities in low-level projects. As TFPD expanded its capacity, allowing for the employment of new staff in its foundation at the beginning of 2019, so will The Foundation expand its efforts. Looking forward, we intend to engage in education and health-based projects, both of which we regard as effective tools to allow people liberation from their own situations.