Rural Community Development in South Africa

The TFPD Foundation has been established to source financial support and volunteer assistance for specific projects that will positively support rural community development for the communities who own lodges that are managed by Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD). The Foundation supports ‘for profit’ philanthropy and social enterprise initiatives in the tourism sector.  As a Foundation, we believe that land restitution and lodge building are an investment in the future of the communities, not a hand-out.

community-based tourism

Community-based Tourism

The TFPD foundation supports community-based tourism, defined as tourism destinations that are owned or managed by local communities, with the aim to provide wider community benefits. This has the advantage of creating sustainable local economic development in areas where opportunities to earn an income are otherwise very limited.

Local Economic Enterprise Development

Over and above its commitment to regional procurement as quantified in the “Benefit Statements” a key objective for TFPD is to provide support to local entrepreneurs, operating small and micro enterprises in the areas in which it manages community owned lodges, in order to assist them in developing their business. Read More

Rural Communities

Vibrant and colorful traditional communities own the lodges managed by Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD) and supported by the TFPD Foundation, with the common theme being one of very poor communities in remote rural areas who do not have access to employment. Read More

Case Study: African Ivory Route

The Baleni Salt Harvesters and others earn money from the tourism interest in Baleni on the African Ivory Route. Caterers, seamstresses (who make beaded bags for salt) and dancers all earn a growing income from the visitors. Read More